built for the purpose

home computer

Perfect for internet browsing & email. Popular apps such as Microsoft Word & Excel can be pre-installed. Your present apps & data are installed free of charge.

vessel navigation

We are Nobeltec Timezero authorized and offer several configurations that include the electronic charts & navigation information you need.

dedicated industrial systems

Used in security, process control, kiosks, gaming and other applications where a reliable, compact self-running system is warranted.

About Our Intel Computers

True Windows 10 PC - like any previous computer you have ever owned. Available as an upgrade or complete system. HDMI resolution with millions of colors. Solid state hard disk (no moving parts) and built-in wireless/bluetooth. Mountable to the rear of the monitor or on its own included wall bracket.  The computer is about 5” square. Easy to place anywhere in your space.
Completely silent and ultra-fast.
OEM version of Windows & Microsoft Security (permanently free anti-virus)
One-year warranty and responsive service plus phone help.
Your current apps installed free plus your data from a current computer if applicable.
Local to Grays Harbor so service is usually within 1 day. Open for you 7 days - weekends & holidays don’t stop us.
Touchscreen monitors are available and you can use any HDMI (or TV) screen.
I3, I5 & I7 chipsets, up to 128gb ram and 1tb solid state hard disk - completely upgradeable.
Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse or trackball included in our complete systems.